How to get information about your SCHUFA credit score in Germany!



German banks, landlords and companies all use the same source for obtaining information about your credit worthiness. 
This is information is provided by the service company SCHUFA that gathers information about your payment history.

Getting SCHUFA Credit Rating information for free!

According to German law (§34 BDS) you can once a year get a copy of your credit score from SCHUFA at no costs.

To get your credit score download this form

Fill out the Personal details and be sure to set an X in the fields:

  • Request for an overview of data according to § 34 BDS
  • Current creditworthiness check

Do not check the Alternative option since this will costs you €18.50.

As described in the form you will need to enclose a copy of your passport as well as a copy of your registration certificate (German: Meldebescheinigung).

Send the completed form and the copies to:

Postfach 61 04 10
10927 Berlin

You will then receive the credit scoring from SCHUFA by ordinary mail after 3-6 weeks.

If you want access to your SCHUFA credit score right away!

It is possible to get your SCUFA credit score right away by filling in your information online. This will however cost you €18.50.

This can be done by online registration here

Unfortunately the internet site is only available in German.